How One Tight-Knit Circle of Internet Troublemakers Convinced Professional Journalists They Were “Abortion Bounty Hunters”

And other misadventures

One of many variants of Marsey the cat, rDrama’s favorite icon
A typical reaction to the news of /r/TXBountyHunters’ existence
The master plan
“She makes a very meager salary” notices a new opponent

So what is rDrama, anyway?

I believe this is the descriptor they’d like me to use:

Reflections on responses

Back to the story. Fortunately, in all cases, as soon as people pointed out the whole thing was satire, everyone outraged by the stories backed down, apologized, corrected the record, and moved on to something else.

“It may be a lie, but the fact I believed it speaks volumes about my enemies, and not me”



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Trace Underwood

Passionate about learning, expertise, education, and the strength of narratives and deliberate restrictions. Rarely original, occasionally accurate.